Based in Athens since 1992, VASKO S.A. has undertaken lots of construction projects all over Greece. VASKO's approach to each project, from the simplest one to the most complex , is always in accordance with the worldwide standards of quality and with respect to the client's desires.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Health and safety policy
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  • Integrity and transparency
  • Society and human rights

VASKO SA undertakes to take any action to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace in order to ensure the protection of all employees, including suppliers and subcontractors as well as visitors, in compliance with the Greek and European legislation.

Health and safety policy includes:

  • Assessment of risks and taking all necessary precautions to reduce injuries.
  • Implementing programs for prevention and improvement of working conditions
  • Maintenance and control of the safe operation of machines
  • Respecting any legal requirement and standards
  • Open communication and continuous and appropriate training on health and safety issues

The primary objective of the company is to complete the project in the shortest time possible, with the highest quality, without any accident or incident that would endanger human health. Health and safety are a priority for everyone involved in our company's activities. To minimize the risk of its activities, the company aims to prevent the creation of any dangerous situation.

Our company has been certified by EN ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety by Q-CERT.

VASKO's policy and objectives on the health and safety of its employees are applied by every individual at all levels of the undertaking and all together, identifying the individual hazards of workplaces, contribute to improving the performance of the Health and Safety at Work Management System.

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Environmental protection has been a priority for VASKO SA. Since the early years of our operation, we have recognized our obligation to contribute to sustainable development through the implementation of a specific environmental policy when designing and constructing projects.

In 2014, our policy was certified by TUV AUSTRIA by EN ISO 14001:2004 and in 2021 was certified by Q-CERT by EN ISO 14001:2015.

VASKO SA is committed to:

  • Continuously monitor and evaluate its environmental performance
  • Comply with environmental legislation and any requirement arising from relevant authorizations
  • Avoid any form of environmental pollution
  • Comply with the requirements of the relevant certificate

The company's environmental policy focuses on:

  • Applying methods with less environmental impact;
  • Saving energy and resources by developing control and management of natural resources;
  • Managing the generated waste, prioritizing the collection, separation and recycling thereof;
  • Constantly keeping the management and personnel updated on environmental issues.

The current policy of the company has been disseminated, implemented and supported by every employee of the company

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The respect for and observance of market rules, the disapproval of corruption and of the systems that strengthen and hail it, the trust in the noble competition, are elements that govern and characterize VASKO. All corporate and financial documents are open, correct, complete and in accordance with the accepted accounting rules and applicable laws.

Since we are a construction company, society forms an integral part of our business. It is indirectly our client in every project and therefore:

  1. a) We respect local communities, their needs and their way of life
  2. b) We ensure that our projects stand harmoniously between the existing ones, following traditional architectural elements and styles
  3. c) We try to appoint our temporary staff from among the locals, thereby strengthening local economy.


The human factor is our most important ally, therefore we take care to defend human rights and respect human being. Thus:

  1. We accept all responsibility for the protection of human rights in our workplaces and for the promotion of such responsibility to all parties involved in a project, namely our employees, subcontractors, customers, partners and suppliers.
  2. We comply with the provisions of the national legislation on the rights of workers, we discuss and co-decide with our staff moves that concern it or affect, even slightly, its way of working and we care for its own satisfaction and well-being
  3. We guarantee equal opportunities for all and equal development perspectives.